Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Let’s start at the beginning – before we go any further, lets all agree that plantation shutters are a highly desirable addition to any home.

Shutters enhance the looks and style of your home and raise your kerb appeal…. and that’s a fact!

Aside from just looking great, here are some more tangible benefits to installing quality window shutters in your home.

Thermal Insulation

When closed, wooden shutters help to retain heat in your room in colder months, while in the summer months, you can open a window, but keep your shutters closed, allowing a breeze in while keeping direct sunlight out.

Sound Insulation

When closed, plantation shutters block more outside noise than windows alone, helping to make your home a sanctuary.

Minimal Maintenance

While curtains and some blinds often attract and retain dust, wooden shutters don’t and are far easier to keep wiped clean.

For anyone with dust allergies, shutters are a great solution.


With shutters you have far more flexibility to be private while still allowing natural light into your home. Curtains are either open or closed, whereas your shutters can be closed but still let light into your rooms without providing a direct line of sight from outside in.

UV Protection

Make sure you only buy shutters that use UV protective materials so they continue to look great in the years to come.

Additionally, you can adjust the shutters to avoid direct sunlight in your home, protecting you from unnecessary UV exposure.


Shutters offer a contemporary style looking clean and fresh. Available in a huge variety of colours and readily repaintable if your decor should ever require it, shutters offer the best of all worlds.

Home visits or visit the showroom, make this year the year you get your shutters installed

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